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Employee monitoring

So waddup people? How's life going? It's me again!!

Today we're going to talk about business and technology, what is your opinion about employee monitoring. Here we'll be answering some of the most common questions about whether it would be good or bad to be monitored on work.

So let's start shooting:
1. Are there any particular occupations for which employee monitoring would be essential?
I think there are. For example: All of the government's jobs, and banks are some examples. Those would be the most important jobs at which employee monitoring could be essential, but other jobs at which it would be very important for employee to be monitored would be: like really important economical jobs and jobs that could be essential that all the information of the company had to stay inside.
2. Should it be required by law to inform employees that they are being monitored?
I think if should, of course privacy is important for the employee, but if they are responsible and hard working employees as they slam to be they would lose time at work or do things they aren't supposed to do. The worker is responsible for his or her acts so it must remain working their appropriate time. Anyway, if they told their employee's that they were being monitored they would react into a totally different reaction, sometimes it is even essential that the monitoring remain secret because the employee could be doing illegal things and it could be the only way to probe wether the incrimination where right, other things is that within the monitoring could be proof of the employee's effective work.
3. Should employees have a right to privacy when they use their personal email at work?
Yes. Even though is none of the boss' business to be monitoring their employee's mail it is also important for the business to monitor the information that's being exchanged from the company to people outside it. In fact sometimes within the mail monitoring the company could find a fraud from an employee. But in this case I think the company should tell the employee that their mail would be monitored so that they could stay low when they use in within work.
4. To what extent do you think monitoring of employees improves their productivity?
If the staff was spending too much time not doing work, their employer could communicate to them their lack of work that they have noticed and could make a change and improve about their work. It could also measure the time wasted within the working hours by employees to make statistics for the company so the company could know about the issue and how much it is affecting the productivity, what sites are the most influential, what site should be blocked, what is causing this program, etc. 

Not-so-fun facts...
According to the survey 69% of employees waste time at work. 
Most people (34%) said they routinely waste 30 minutes or less each day while on the clock. Nearly one-quarter (24%) said they waste between 30-60 minutes daily, with 11% claiming they spend several hours per day wasting time on non work-related items on a daily basis. Of the people who don't waste time each day, 21% reported slacking off 1-2 times a week while only 10% claimed they never waste time on the job.
About half of them claim that the Internet is their number ONE distraction.

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