jueves, 3 de abril de 2014

Open Source: the good and the bad

 Open Source: the good and the badWhat's an opens source? 

Well if I may I'm going to introduce you guys to this very special topic about TA RA RA RAAAAAAA (Drums please) THE OPEN SOURCE

Well hello again and welcome to this little article about open source, first of all let me tell you what that is. 

An open source is exactly it's name is an OPEN SOURCE is a  software whose source code is available for modification by anyone.

 The main difference between an open source and a company's software is that anyone can change it and improve it, other that the typical business always changing it the way they want it, or having the source (or instructions to the program) to themselves.

There are several reasons why you would most likely choose an Open Source software other than the other types:

  • You have more control over the software and you can change it in whatever you like
  • Some people consider it more secure, because a company doesn't run it
  • It is adaptable to your own purpose or use
And over here are some reasons why people sometimes don't exactly like to prefer it:
  • Because it is really adaptable it can sometime be difficult to use until you adapt it or you adapt to it.
  • Because it's so public, some people may use it to introduce viruses into the system
  • In the program there can be some problems but because (again) the program has no manual it doesn't exactly has a manual to solving these problems, so it could be difficult to fix this

But in the end you have the ultimate deception of what to get, after all it's your computer and your work you will be doing in the program.

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